ALBUM RELEASE!!! Operation Encore is now available! Download the full album on iTunes and order physical CDs at CDBaby



Join us at the Wigwam Resort on November 8th for the Album Release Party! Tickets available here.

Special thanks to the following Kickstarter contributors for going above and beyond to make OPERATION ENCORE possible:

Dr. William and Debra Cox, Joseph Abbott, Rich Farley, Lance Buller, Steve and Jan Covell, Andrew Russell, Jon DeRosa, Travis Rex, Taminjim Turner, David Wallace, Melanie Reynolds, Sarah Shirley, Mark Speckhard, Devin Sperling, Tim Madden, Beverly Raymond, Chris High, Brian Oldham, Craig Augustyniak, Christina MacGregor, Meghan Doherty, Annette Stertzer, Steve Hopkins, Jodi Peroutka, Alex Hoenig, Jennifer Counter, Angela Palitto, Anthony Pelkington, Aaron Bomar, Kate McCarty, James Hunt, Phil Irby, Ray "ANIMAL" Naylor III, K Core Education, Jason Cain, Michael Switzer, Michael Getha, Kevin "Frankie" Jensen, Les Hauck, Timothy Raymond, Katherine Anderson, Kurt Thomet, Barbara Graham, Rich Jones, Rebecca Pierson, Angie Gamay Denofre, Don "Jungle" Merritt, Brent Hutchings, Keith Colmer, Rusty Mitchell, Michael Soderland, Ben Oheb Shalom, Ben Cameron 


OPERATION ENCORE is a collaboration of singer-songwriters from across the military and veteran communities. We chose 11 artists to travel to Phoenix and record their original songs in a professional studio. Our goal is to bring musicians together, tell our stories to the public through music, and to raise money for veterans causes. Our 1st album is available now on iTunes and

A portion of net profits will go to support a variety of veterans charities.

We want to hear from you!  Email, Twitter, Facebook, Skype - however you want to do it.  Just don't be shy!  Ask us any question that comes to your mind.  If you think we're doing something the wrong way - tell us!  In fact, give us your worst.  We are not music industry professionals and we expect to make mistakes along the way.  Don't worry, you can't hurt our feelings.  (No, really - it's impossible.  As pilots in the Air Force, we disavowed our "feelings" years ago.) 

That being said, at this stage in our lives, we are too damn stubborn to accept anything less than success.  We hope that you will join us in being a part of something special that can affect positive change, right now, in the lives of others.

- Rob, Erik & Chris